Recap of OceanTalk- Hacken Special

Whale: 1. What are the main differences between Hacken and the other ethical hacker companies such as Intigriti?

Dyma Budorin: I know Intigriti pretty good, they have very good reputation. From one side yes there are lots of similarities. But in fact the industries we work on are quite different. Hacken was born in crypto and it is our home market. We are market leaders for cryptoexchanges and blockchain security. And this is are core expertise. On top of it we have two projects at our group HackenAI and And of course the most important is $HAI token. It allows us to distribute the success of our group among people who believe in what we do.

Whale: Cool. 2. At Present Time Defi And NFT Is A Very Popular And Lucrative Sector. Does $HAI Have Any Plans To Involve Itself In The Defi , NFT Sector?

Dyma Budorin: At the moment we are very active player of DeFi, cause we are auditing few top industry players. We see certain amazing projects build on Ethereum and we think there is definitely opportunities for similar platforms in Vechain ecosystem. We do have talks with other Vechain players in this direction.

For NFT, I personally am sure that this is next big thing. At the moment I can say that we do a research for NFT software wallets cyber security and will release it soon. This research will give structured information where to hold your NFTs securely. Of course that will give us proper brand awareness as well. There is going to be lot of security work in NFT industry very soon.

Whale: Cant wait to see that! 3. As I see, HAI project is mainly focusing on Cyber Security based Token , But which types of Cyber Security services are there in HAI ? Also, what are the use-cases of HAI in the real-world?

Dyma Budorin: Main HAI utility is not released for now. I would love to keep certain secret on this. Today people are buying HAI, because they know us for hard work past 3+ years (time flies like crazy). I would like people to compare investment in HAI like investment in young cyber security company, that has proven its reputation and that targets quite ambitious goals.

Our vision is that
1. you need to build a reputation
2. you need to build sustainable business that does not depend from outside investments
3. you need to build scalable product
4. here comes dividends for first believers and proper token utility

This is our vision on crypto company building. Step by step. We are almost there.

Whale: 4. Nowadays DeFi is changing our relationship with money, investing, credit, and debt. So, how do you think of the future of DeFi especially for #Hacken project itself? What are the factors that #Hacken could make a big difference since there are a lot of projects involved in DeFi?

Dyma Budorin: I like transparent crypto trading and this is what DeFi brings to our lives. So definitely I am interesting in AMM tools for proper HAI support. What I can say is that I am found of DAO. This is a big more longer process, but I am sure one day we will be there

I plan to work on Hacken for many many years.

Whale: 5. What are your biggest challenges and your biggest strength to overcome those challenges?

Dyma Budorin: Biggest challenge is to fit all our ideas into 24/7 framework. Our current internal roadmap is quite huge and we have to prioritize things so for the project long term benefit. Certain things took longer time that we expected.

As a general answer I would say that our biggest strength is a team and our passion. All Hacken team members are very strong believers in our roadmap and HAI. This mental answer is the key driver.

Whale: 6. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold Your Project token in a long term investment and What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token?

Dyma Budorin: In upcoming Tokenomics (we call it Hackenomics) we will release new rules for circulation supply, utility and long term benefits. My vision is that token is not just an assets to trade and not just utility to buy certain services or products. Of course it is both of it, but I think about it in a bit different direction. Token is a chance/opportunity to create united community and products that are needed to the world.

HAI token creates cyber security products and improves people security. Everyone who invested in HAI can say that he invested in cyber security and he had made a world a safer place. We all are in the same boat and we all invest energy at the first place into one asset $HAI. Having a token of your company is such an amazing opportunity that will definitely pay out to early believers one day.

Whale: 7. Hello Dima, First, congrats on all achievements of HAI! As we all know, Hacken has the reputation of the leader in cyber security. The audits of Hacken are desired from a lot of cryptocurrency projects in the space. Is there future plans for including HAI token as a payment for audits by clients and do you think that would generate the biggest attention from investors/traders and overall demand for HAI token?

Dyma Budorin: We propose to our clients two options: they can pay in HAI and receive 10% discount or they can become HAI club members and receive up to 20% discount. Unfortunately only few companies choose that options. This rings bell for us, that utility as a payment for B2B services should not be in a core stone of Hackenomics.

Whale: 8. What are your further plans for the development of HKN for the next six months? Will you focus on b2b or b2c? As far as I know, in the past, for hkn investors, the focus on b2b has not given positive results .

Dyma Budorin: HKN can only be swapped to HAI. The $HAI token was born in order to build tokenomics around B2C. During summer Coingecko partnership and DeFi hype did impact the prioritization. We have spent more time for big name clients that resulted in our brand awareness, strong crypto exchanges relationships. Now we have much more open doors for $HAI and B2C roadmap.

Whale: 9. I am wondering when the VPN will be available through the app?

Dyma Budorin: Till the end of the year. Internal deadline is mid december.

Whale: Okay. 10. Sir Dyma, Having an edge in cyber security , What are your solutions or at least to minimize the Hacking Incidents and Stolen Funds in the Exchanges Today like OceanEx? because we have seen that major exchanges also are being hacked like Kucoin?

Dyma Budorin: First advice would be to download and pass cyberbootcamp. We have tried to make easy to pass, entertaining and very educational course so that everyone can improve their cybersecurity right now.

As for the Kucoin hack that was an insider attack. There is nothing a user can do to prevent it. Wrong, yes you can. You should keep asking your favorite exchange questions about cyber security. Hope one day Hacken can work on this matter with OceanEx.

Whale: Yeah the safety of our users’ asset is always our priority. 11. What issues and products does #Hacken currently focused on developing? What are the technical priorities that Hacken puts on top?

Dyma Budorin:

1. We are building one Saas B2B product
2. VPN
3. HackenAI desktop version
4. Anti-phishing
5. Certain researches for
6. website update
7. Hackenproof saas
8. HackenGroup website update
And of course number one priority is Hackenomics.

Whale: 12. Defi is a very hot keyword at the moment, many projects have started cooperating with DeFi platforms. So is Hacken planning to cooperate with DeFi projects and develop #Hacken towards DeFi in the future?

Dyma Budorin: I dont think its hot anymore TBH. Too many scams already

Whale: 13. Community is a very important factor for a project. So, do you have any plans to build a community and attract new users? For example, a transaction contest or airdrop?

Dyma Budorin: The more we are making airdrops and transaction contest the less I believe in its efficiency to be honest. Proper cyber security researches and scam investigations bring much more awareness from people that we want in our community. Airdrop community members are not that loyal. We want in our community members who share our values and long terms plans.

Whale: 14. The hot new term in crypto is “”YIELD FARMING””. So Do you have a plan to develop the Yeild Farming system?

Dyma Budorin: Not hot anymore. there is no such thing as a free candy. someone has to pay for it. Feel free to read our research on Harvest finance:

Whale: 15. Can you give everyone 3 reasons to join Hacken immediately? What is the reason why you are confident that Hacken will be successful?

Dyma Budorin: Well thats interesting one:

  1. We are about revealing scams and frauds in crypto. If you ever faced unfairness in crypto please come and tell your story. We will try to help you. We do have huge connections
  2. Cybersecruity help desk. In our community you can ask any cyber security related question and be sure that we will help to answer it
  3. No doubt that $HAI is a Gem. low marketcap, crystal clear reputation, long list of partners and 4 working products. Turning on proper MM is just a matter of right time when our HackenAI main features are developed. Tick tack soon be too late

Open Talk

Q: What is $HAI plan to ensure sufficient liquidity on the exchange to fulfill market orders, especially as adoption increases and clients begin to multiply year after year for your project?

Dyma Budorin: Low liquidity works in both ways. The difference between professional and non professional trader is very simple. When the price goes down, the prof buys and non-prof sells. The opposite when it goes up.

Q: What is your plan to increase HAI volume??

Dyma Budorin: Good one. The easy question would be to list at new exchanges. But as we can see from two last listings at second tire exchanges it doesn’t really work. As for now we will focus on product side of our business, so to get prepared for all our releases in December. There will be a moment when we will turn on the volume to make another step for HAI. Consider this silent period as an opportunity.

Q: How important is the community to you? And how can we collaborate or help you for the development of Hacken AI?

Dyma Budorin: Thats the most important. no doubt. Also I want to underline how important are our community leaders Manu and Manance are. we are so lucky to have them with us.

Q: Does $HAI has it’s own Blockchain?

Dyma Budorin: Thank God no. I really believe that tokens out from top 50 Coinmarketcap with own blockchain are wasting there time. We are happy with VechainThor and will put all our efforts to keep building it infrastructure.

Q: Are there any repurchase plans to burn or block tokens to increase the $HAI value?

Dyma Budorin: Timelocks are coming. Thanks everyone for attention!

If you have more questions please join out Hacken fam here: @hackenclub

Whale: Thanks Budorin! We look forward to seeing you here again with more updates about Hacken!




Alles rund um VeChain, die weltweit führende Blockchain-Plattform für unternehmerische Anwendungen, Twitter: @VeMagVeChain

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VeMag - Alles rund um VeChain

VeMag - Alles rund um VeChain

Alles rund um VeChain, die weltweit führende Blockchain-Plattform für unternehmerische Anwendungen, Twitter: @VeMagVeChain

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